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  • Jan Jenkins

    "I run a custom TRT billet converter behind my 1200 horse N/A 632 big block chevy and am beyond happy and impressed with the performance and reliability it delivers without breaking a sweat! Thank you for a badass unit!"

  • Patrick Parsons

    “Just wanted to give a quick thanks. Picked this turbo 400 and converter combo up from you probably going on 2 years ago. Been street driven quite a bit, probably 60+ hits at the track. I changed the fluid and filter beginning of this season and that’s it. Never misses a beat and just wanted you to know that’s it’s workin! We literally haven’t even talked since I picked it up and that’s not a bad thing haha.”

  • Montanna Robinson

    "My 1998 turbo LS Trans Am supports a Turner built turbo 400 and converter. Mike and the guys at TRT have went above and beyond supporting my program getting me dialed in on the street and no prep surfaces. We had to pull the pan off of it after scraping it at KD motorsports park with over 75 passes on it and we couldn’t believe how good everything looks inside. Thank you TRT for building a quality unit."

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