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  • Justin Thiry

    Justin's '72 Chevelle sports a fully built TH400 by TRT.

  • Justin Thiry

    Justin also owns this 2012 Camaro which also runs a fully built TRT TH400.

  • Eric Manns AKA Big Tuna

    Eric Manns can be found racing No Prep or in "Mexico" running a built TRT powerglide transmission. MannsPerformance.net

  • Montanna Robinson

    Montanna runs a TH400 and bolt together converter in his No Prep Transam.

  • Bob Morrison

    Bob runs our TH400 as well as a bolt together torque converter.

  • Cody Myers

    Cody Meyers calls his Fairlane "OldSkool” and runs a TH400 and converter!

  • Daniel Hume

    Daniel is running a TH400 built by TRT. You can find him on Instagram!

  • Jan Jenkins

    Jan says: "I run a custom TRT billet converter behind my 1200 horse N/A 632 big block chevy and am beyond happy and impressed with the performance and reliability it delivers without breaking a sweat! Thank you for a badass unit!"

  • Dan Rensch

    Dan's powering a TRT 2 Speed TH400! Find him at Rensch Racing!

  • Chad Roberts

    Chad tuns a Turner 400 with a Reid Case!

  • Derrick Benson

    "My 2001 nitrous assisted Camaro sports a TRT th400 and torque converter that Mike spec'd perfectly for my combo".

  • Jesse Lee

    Jessee is running Non lockup 4l80 and matching 258mm converter.

  • Haunted House

    This 1988 Suburban has a Turner racing custom 12 inch 2500 stall. You can find HH on Facebook!

  • Ryan McCoy

    TRT built power glide, 87 mustang SBF 94mm turbo

  • Bob Bennett

    Bob's running a TRT 2600--2800 stall converter. 6.0 4l80e

  • Matt Turner

    Matt is running a built Turner Racing Transmission!

  • Brett Young

    TRT 10” street converter

  • Tim Zoeller

    Tim is running a TRT 4L80E transmission.

  • Danny Allen

    Reid case 4l80 bolt together converter

  • Wesley Charles Owens

    RUV Blazer trans and converter built by the one and only trans god in Dayton!

  • Tim Underwood

    TRT TH400

  • David North

    Trt c4 an th400 converters

  • Alex Lindner

    TRT Reid case TH400. Follow Alex on FB at BP Autosports, LLC. or Instagram.

  • Natee Layn

    TRT Th400

  • Patrick Parsons

    TRT th400 and converter

  • Stefan Till

    TRT th400 and converter. Moorespeed Performance LLC

  • Clayton Noggle


  • Rob Barney

    TRT TH400

  • Luke Goudy

    TRT glide & TRT th400

  • David Ballard

    TRT Bolt together

  • Brett Young

    TRT Powerglide & Converter

  • Gary Hill

    TRT TH400

  • Thomas Thompson

    TRT TH400

  • David Padgett

    TRT Converter

  • Tristan Tackett

    TRT Converter

  • Michael Cummings

    TRT TH400 & Converter

  • Mike Jones

    TRT Converter

  • Kenny Rice

    TH400 & Converter

  • John Perkins

    TRT TH400