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Torque Converter Series Descriptions:

TRT Street Series

The TRT Street Series represents our entry-level torque converters. These meticulously engineered converters are the ideal choice for enthusiasts looking to enhance their vehicle's performance without breaking the bank. The TRT Street Series torque converters feature ring-mounted OEM back covers, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles while delivering noticeable improvements in torque and drivability. Whether you're a casual weekend warrior or a daily driver seeking that extra kick, the TRT Street Series torque converters are designed to meet your needs, providing an affordable entry into the world of torque converter upgrades.

TRT Street Plus Series

The TRT Street Plus Series stands as the intermediary offering in our torque converter lineup, delivering enhanced performance and durability for discerning automotive enthusiasts. Each torque converter in this series is equipped with precision-engineered billet covers, taking your vehicle's drivetrain performance to the next level. These billet covers not only provide increased strength and resistance to high torque loads but also offer improved heat dissipation, making them perfect for moderate to high-performance applications. The TRT Street Plus Series represents the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and performance, offering reliability and longevity without compromising on quality.

TRT Competition Series

For those seeking the ultimate in torque converter performance and customization, the TRT Competition Series is the pinnacle of our product range. Designed to cater to high-horsepower vehicles and specialized applications, the Competition Series torque converters are engineered to exacting specifications. Every aspect of these converters is tailored to meet the unique requirements of your vehicle, ensuring optimal performance, exceptional strength, and precise functionality. The TRT Competition Series is the choice for those who demand nothing less than perfection, whether you're engaged in competitive motorsports or simply crave the absolute best for your high-performance vehicle. This series offers a level of customization and performance that goes beyond the ordinary, delivering exceptional torque management for even the most demanding applications. Please complete our Torque Converter build sheet if you are interested in a TRT Competition Series Torque Converter and our specialist will contact you with build options/pricing. 

TRT OEM Series

The TRT OEM Series is where quality meets performance in our exceptional line of factory replacement units. Engineered to seamlessly replace original equipment, our TRT OEM Series guarantees a reliable and efficient solution for your automotive needs.

Whether you're looking to replace worn-out parts or enhance your vehicle's performance, the TRT OEM Series has you covered. 

Upgrade with confidence, knowing that our factory replacement units are built to last, providing peace of mind and optimal functionality on the road. Drive with assurance – choose TRT OEM Series for unparalleled quality and performance.